Introducing the New 2020

Golf Michiana Coupon Cards:

The Local Edition, the West Edition, and the Regional Edition are now ready!2020 Golf Michiana - Michiana Combo - Local West and Regional

Golf Michiana – Play over 30

of the area’s best golf courses!

Golf Michiana in Southwest Michigan

Looking for great golf deals at courses in Northern Indiana or Southwest Michigan?

Try us, you’ll like us. This is our 21st year providing golf course coupons to golfers in the area.

Be informed. Don’t fall for the hype on the commercials you may have been bombarded with. We have the best deals (no matter what you hear and see on TV) for Michiana golfers!

Now Available! Local Edition2020 Golf Michiana Local Coupon Cover

Now Available! Regional Edition2020 Golf Michiana Regional Cover

Now Available! West Edition

Go ahead and compare, we dare ya!

Click here to compare the differences between our Golf Michiana coupon cards and with Local Golf Passport.

We’re so confident you’ll choose us, we’ll even provide you a link to them to compare. We’ll be glad you did! Fore!

You can view a brief explanation of Golf Michiana Coupon Cards at the video below.

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