We have ended sales for our 2023 Golf Michiana cards. Thank you for another great year!

AUGUST 10 UPDATE: We are now sold out of our West Edition Golf Michiana cards. Thanks for your support!



Effective August 1, we are putting all of our remaining Golf Michiana coupon cards ON SALE!!

Buy One, Get One Free.

Just place your order on our shop page, and we will automatically double your order (buy 1, get 1 free or buy 2, get 2 free, etc). If you would like your freebie(s) to be the other edition or even our Sip Happens coupon card, just put it in the "Order Notes" box at checkout.

While supplies last!!!  Fore...


discount golf

** The new 2023 Golf Michiana cards are here and ready to order. Take a look and see what everyone is talking about! Play tons of area courses without "breaking the bank." 

Now in our 23rd year serving the Michiana area.

Making Area Golf Affordable. 

If you prefer to order your cards over the phone, please call us at: 574-855-3727, and we'll process your order, then mail your card(s).


There will be just 2 editions this year. The West Edition and the Classic Edition (which is a combination of courses from past Local and Regional cards).

*Note we also have our brand new Sip Happens area winery coupon cards available for wine drinkers. Just like the Golf Michiana cards, except with wine instead of golf!


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2023 West Edition

Our current stock of the West Edition is very low!

Golf Michiana West Edition

2023 Classic Edition

2023 Sip Happens

Welcome to

Golf Michiana!

With discounts at 30 area golf courses

Golf Michiana Coupon Cards

All coupons/rounds include a shared cart!

All coupon offers are for at least 2 golfers!

Many rounds are even valid weekends (usually afternoons)!

Play more golf! Try new courses!

Here's a 2-minute video on how the Golf Michiana Coupon Card works:



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Try us, you'll like us. This is our 23rd year providing golf course coupons to golfers in the area. We're number 1 for a reason. Be informed. Don't fall for the hype on the commercials you may have been bombarded with. We have the best deals (no matter what you hear and see on TV) for Michiana golfers!