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Try us, you'll like us. This is our 21st year providing golf course coupons to golfers in the area. We're number 1 for a reason. Be informed. Don't fall for the hype on the commercials you may have been bombarded with. We have the best deals (no matter what you hear and see on TV) for Michiana golfers!

Watch our 2-minute video. It includes details on our FREE 2021 Golf Courses of Michiana calendar!
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We have now completed the golf course line-up for 5 Editions (Local, Regional, West, South, and SW Michigan) of our Golf Michiana cards. Just go to our coupon card page to check them out.
We expect to have a few mini card options for SW Michigan, which will include about 8-9 courses per card. 


**Golf Show News. Unfortunately, all golf shows including the Century Center Golf Show that typically occurs in February have been canceled! So we attempted to host on own golf show in March, and had many vendors lined up to join us. But, we were stymied by the county health department who indicated that even though Indiana says it's safe and okay to have such an event, they are not allowing it. Sorry kids, we tried!

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Or how about our brand new 2021 Golf Courses of Michiana Calendar! Each month features a beautiful picture of a local golf hole. They also include lots of coupon offers from area restaurants, putt-putt, pizza, paint and more!  *SOLD OUT*

2021 Golf Courses of Michiana Calendar - NW IN - Compressed

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 Local Edition 

Golf Michiana Local

Regional Edition 

West Edition

West Edition

Mini (South) Edition

Mini card

Michigan Mini Edition #1

#1 Michigan Mini Card Exp Nov 2021

Michigan Mini Edition #2

#2 Michigan Mini Golf Michiana FRONT


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We're so confident you'll choose us, we'll even provide you a link to THEM to compare. We'll be glad you did! Fore!

Watch this 2-minute video.
It includes details on our FREE 2021 Golf Courses of Michiana calendar!

(While supplies last)