Coronavirus Update


Effective immediately, all Michigan golf courses are open and now allow carts! 

Virtually all Northern Indiana courses are now open with carts as well. Erskine and Elbel open Monday 5/11

**Coronavirus Do’s and Don’ts **

There is no better way to cope with the near shut down of everything, than to get out and golf. This is basically the only sport/activity left that is safe, relaxing and fun! Some do’s and don’ts…

  • Do continue to play golf and enjoy your life
  • Do get exercise, sun, fresh air, and competition
  • Do save big money (so you can stock up on toilet paper) by using your coupons


  • Don’t high five your partner after sinking that 5 footer for triple bogey
  • Don’t share your beer or cigar with your cart mate
  • Don’t bother to constantly wash your hands, clubs or balls while you play with yourself or others
  • Don’t hug other players when you flush a 4 iron to within 6 feet
  • Don’t ask the beer cart girl to sit on your lap
  • Don’t worry about public restrooms as each course has plenty of “private areas” in the woods


Just by following these simple guidelines, you too can survive and even thrive in trying times.


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