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My name is Barry Coker, and I have lived in the South Bend area for my whole life. For the last 22 years, I have produced Golf Michiana Coupon Cards for golfers which feature discounts at lots of area golf courses in Southwest Michigan and Northern Indiana. I am an avid golfer and would play every day if I could.


Michiana is a combination of “Michigan” and “Indiana,” and describes a large area in Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan.

The central city is South Bend, Indiana, and extends at least 40 miles in every direction, and includes seven counties. Those counties include Elkhart, LaPorte, Marshall, St. Joseph, and Starke in Indiana; and Berrien and Cass Counties in Michigan. Greater Michiana inclues all areas within about 60 miles of South Bend. This area is home to over 150 golf courses!


Golf Michiana has been a great coupon card for golfers in Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan for almost 20 years.

We are based in the South Bend area, but have several Editions, or course areas, for golfers. The cards are basically the same this year as they have been in years past. These cards contain coupons (14-16 per card) for twosomes. No tricks, no gotch-ya’s, no gimmicks. Since all coupons include carts, it is a “no-brainer.” Using just one or possibly two coupons out of the 14-16 on each card, saves you more than the cost of the entire card.

The golf course offers are usually valid most any time during the week, and on weekends (mostly afternoons). Some offers are valid weekdays only, so just check each coupon.

Why not weekend mornings? Typically, golf courses are busiest during weekend mornings. That’s their best opportunity to “make a little green” to keep their courses in tip-top shape for you. Golfers and golf courses know that weekend mornings are the most convenient time to play. That’s when they charge their highest rates. So it costs more. Supply and demand.

People think golf courses are rolling in money. Nothing could be further from the truth. Golf courses have a limited period of time each year in which to make money or even cover their expenses. They are totally dependent on the weather. Since there are so many golf courses to choose from, courses struggle with the juggling act of attracting golfers to their course, without compromising their rates for everyone. No golf course can survive by lowering their rates for all. It simply costs too much to maintain the course as costs continue to skyrocket for golf courses. Consider the cost of labor, insurance, taxes, chemicals, water/irrigation, machinery, etc. So the bottom line is that most courses survive the year with the revenue they earn during weekend mornings. It doesn’t make sense to lower their rates at that time. However, they are willing to offer discounts to Golf Michiana cardholders most of the rest of their available tee times.

Just an FYI, if you have only played weekend mornings, please give another day (or time of day) a shot. Golf courses are not as busy on Saturday or Sunday afternoons or weekdays, as they are on weekend mornings, and you can usually play much faster. No waiting to tee off and no following lots of foursomes who are in no particular hurry on Saturday morning.


Simply put, it’s because the coupon cards give you great discounts at many golf courses from Northwest Indiana to Southwest Michigan and everywhere in between. Period. There are other reasons, but do you really need other reasons?

Well, here are a few other reasons…

  1. Because there are 14-16 courses featured on every coupon card, you get the opportunity to try new courses without the high cost.
  2. Our cards help golf courses survive. By helping golf courses fill in open tee times with discounted golfers, they can earn revenue during times of the day and days of the week that would not normally generate much revenue.
  3. We help local golf teams and other organizations. Every year, we help lots of area high school golf teams make money for team expenses, with the team selling our cards as a fundraiser. We also work with local organizations and non-profits as they also sell our cards.


Me, too!

For me, golf is the perfect game. Its beautiful scenery, fresh air, exercise, and a great place for fun times with friends. It’s also because you can golf with total strangers and still have a blast. You can be any age, height, weight, size, shape, etc. You can be a man, a woman, a kid, or a senior to play golf. It’s for everybody.

But for me, it’s more the different “competitions’ within the game.

First, you compete with your playing partners. You against your opponent. It’s always fun to have a friendly competition against some friends. Some laughs. Some good-natured ribbing. Some adult beverages afterwards or maybe even during your round. There are not many sports where it is socially acceptable to have a couple drinks during the game.

The second competition is against the course. The ultimate competition. You against the course. The course usually wins, but it is such an adrenaline rush to play well and conquer a full round of golf. It’s also a rush to conquer 9 holes of golf, a rush to “beat” a hole with a par or birdie, and it’s even a rush to hit a great shot. That’s what golfers remember; that great shot, that great hole, that great 9 or that great round. That’s what keeps us coming back.

The third competition is you against yourself. Challenge yourself to succeed, to compete. To learn, to progress, to improve. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what your score is, it only matters that you played. What a great way to spend a day, with friends, with strangers or even by yourself.

So, for everything golf in our local area, our site is for you. Have a great season! 

Barry Coker Golf Michiana

Barry Coker, Golf Michiana