Local Golf Passport    VS       Golf Michiana

We certainly don't mind competition. We just think that "misleading" TV advertising hurts the whole discount golf industry, not just the golfer who doesn't really get what they paid for.

A couple questions to ponder...How many LGPP cards would your foursome need to buy if everyone wanted to play at a discount since all offers are for 1 golfer? Hmmmm...

Are you REQUIRED to rent a power cart at ALL COURSES when using your coupon?  Hmmmm......

Comparison Chart 2021


  1. The claim from LGPP that "you can play 20+ courses for only $75" is NOT TRUE!. You are required to rent a cart at each course, which adds about $500 to the claim of only $75 to play this year. Quite the difference, isn't it?
  2. Unless you play alone, your partners will also have to pony up the $75 (+ the $500 for cart fees) to allow for everyone to play at a discount. Do y'all really think your golfing partners will want to play the courses on the Local Golf Passport card at full price, while you pay cart fees? Yeah sure they will...
  3. How many rounds will your group need to play just to "break even" on the "deal" you are getting?

Golf Michiana.

No Gotchya's, No Gimmicks, No misleading statements. A card for TwoSomes. All offers are the same; 2 people golf in a cart for the price of 1 in a cart. Many coupons are even valid for 4 golfers, not just 2. Our website shows all details, hides nothing. You decide!