How many coupons are on each card?

The Golf Michiana Local, Regional and West cards all contain a minimum of 16 coupons. Our SW Michigan Gimme card contains 12 offers.

How many versions or editions do you have?

We currently have all  4 editions available now, with our 4th edition (SW Michigan) just released. Michiana Local, Michiana Regional, and Michiana West are the other 3. The local edition generally consists of golf courses within about an hour of South Bend, The regional expands the area slightly into SW Michigan and Northern Indiana, and the West Edition is perfect for golfers who would like to play in counties mostly located in NW Indiana. SW Michigan has courses both in the Kalamazoo area, as well as several courses in Berrien County.

Do I need to make tee times?

Making reservations or tee times is ALWAYS recommended, but most courses will also allow last minute walk-ins.

Are there any day/time restrictions on the coupons?

Yes, each course offer varies, so please read each coupon carefully. Most coupons are valid most any time during the week, and also weekends (usually in the afternoon).

Can I use these as a single golfer?

No. The coupons are all valid for at least 2 golfers, and some are even valid for 4 golfers.

Can I walk?

The coupons always include your cart. A cart speeds up play, and also allows for cold beverage consumption as needed…

When do the coupons expire?

All coupon expiration dates vary, so please read each coupon carefully. In general, they all expire at the end of the 2018 golf season.

How many cards do I need?

That depends on how often you play.

We suggest each player in your 4some each get a card, maybe even several different editions. That way, your group can play golf for 1/2 price basically all year long. If your group plays a couple of times per week or more, then 2-3 per person would be about right. We would certainly advise at least a combo (2 or more cards) for your group.

Some larger groups get enough cards to plan their entire summer around our cards and the courses. It is not unusual to have groups order 10, 20 or even more cards

Can I use these for a golf outing?


Can I use these for my group of 8+ buddies to all play at a discount?

Sure, as long as you have enough coupons for each 2some in your group.

Can I give coupons away to friends, family etc?

Of course. The coupons are fully transferable and make great gifts!

What do the cards cost?

The cost of each edition varies between $39 and $50 per card. Using just 1 of the approximately 16 coupons on any card, can save you more than $40 or $50. Using 2 coupons can “double your money, and using all 16 coupons can save you well over $1,000 on your golfing in 2017.

Why aren’t many coupons valid on weekend mornings?

Most courses are already busy weekend mornings, so it would be foolish for them to offer 1/2 priced golf then. The coupon cards are designed to save golfers money, but also to help golf courses fill in slower times with discount golfers. No golf course can survive by offering such steep discounts all the time.